What’s a good day in real estate?

When you’ve signed someone, or made a sale? How about when you can make a property appraisal without leaving your desk? That all sounds pretty good. AppraiseMe has been designed to connect agents with vendors, without the door knocking.

Benefits for Agents

Getting in front of multiple homeowners without leaving the office? Whats the catch?.. There isn't one.

  • It's completely free
  • Countless real appraisals
  • Compete on service, not commission
  • Save time, and get more done
  • No cold calling or door knocking
  • No more stone-age prospecting

How it works

Step 1: Load your profile!

The first step is to fill in your profile. Just the main details like which agency you belong to and how you go about selling a property, your name plus the name of your first pet. OK, not that last one.

Step 2: Search for properties

Take a look at properties listed for appraisal. You can filter by area, and choose which of the properties listed you would like to appraise. Write your proposal, include a recommended guide price and the details that matter.

Step 3: Post your appraisal

Post your free, non obligation appraisal. Homeowners can look at how your appraisal stacks up compared to other agents, review your profile and the star ratings given to you by other vendors. Contact is made by the homeowner if they are interested in taking their appraisal further.

Got some questions?

It’s completely free for both homeowners and agents. Just so we’re clear, homeowners aren’t obliged to choose an agent or sell their property. You are offering free, no obligation appraisals.

Absolutely not! This undermines the system. It is up to the vendors to make the running. We have a feedback system that will let us know if you do, and you will be barred from using our platform.

No, and you won’t be able to see other agents’ appraisals either. Only the homeowner whose property you appraised can see the appraisal.

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