We help you avoid unwanted door knocks!

AppraiseMe connects you with real estate agents on your terms. That’s right, we are in the business of ensuring that the only knocks at the door you receive are from invited visitors, although we can’t help you avoid Uncle Lester forever.

Benefits for vendors

We help you list your property for appraisal so that you get a fair idea of what your property is worth without any sales pressure.

  • Free and transparent
  • No unwelcome sales pitches
  • Real facts, real numbers
  • No over appraising and underdelivering
  • No door knocks or cold calls
  • No showing agents around your property

How it Works

Step 1: Post your property

Put your best foot forward! Grab your phone and take photos of your property, that way agents will get a good idea of what your property looks like.

Add a few details about your property, plus anything of particular interest, and then hit the appraise button!

Step 2: Review your appraisal

You choose the number of appraisals you would like to receive (up to 30). Agents in your area will then appraise your property – for free, and with no obligation!

Once you’ve hit your magic appraisal number, it’s time to review and compare appraisals and guide prices. We provide a helpful summary page for easier comparison.

Step 3: Choose your agent

Looking at appraisals is one thing, finding the agent that is the right fit for you is another.

Agents post some info about themselves, which agency they work for and how they like to work. Plus vendors, just like you, can rate their agent after a sale, putting you firmly in the driver’s seat.

Got some questions?

YES! Free, gratis, on the house! Just so you know, agents don’t pay anything either. We’re nice like that.

You can set the limit on how many appraisals you would like to receive. The minimum is one and the maximum is 30, so choose a number that suits you best and fits the available time you have to review.

Agents post some info about themselves to give you an idea of who they are and how they work. Plus you can see how other vendors have star rated their experience with a particular agent. Appraisals are offered free of charge and there is also no obligation to choose an agent or sell your property.

No, and you won’t be able to see other vendors’ properties either. Only agents can view your property details. You will however be able to see how other vendors rate the agent they used.

Vendors are able to rate the agent they used to sell their property, and to leave a comment. This is shown in a star rating on the agent’s profile. We like this feature as it brings even greater transparency to the process, which is what AppraiseMe is all about.

AppraiseMe was set up by a former real estate agent who thought there was a better, much more efficient way to find vendors who wanted their property appraised, while at the same time giving vendors greater transparency.

AppraiseMe is a registered New Zealand company based in Christchurch.

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